Logan ★★★★★

No Country for Old Logan.
Heavy, bleak, touching .....without an inch of spandex in site. 
This is a comic book movie that questions comic book movies.
Without all the previous adventures good (X2 - The Wolverine - Days of Future Past) or bad (we all know the bad ones) that have taken place we wouldn't of got to this and I have to say this is the most adult Marvel based story to date. 
I hope with this we can see an evolution in these films to become this standard. DC have hit these notes before with The Dark Knight and tried to maintain that with their future projects...which haven't worked to that level. 
Logan is violent, the type of violence that the character has always had but never shown (at least on screen) because it doesn't covert to $$$ in the box office bank but with Deadpool breaking those rules recently, you get a dirty, gritty film that all fans of the Wolverine always wanted. At no stage does this feel long (like some of X-Men projects) or drawn out.
Hands down best X-Men based story so far.

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