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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion


    Visible confusion. Well,  I... uhh, well fuck.

    Ok so to get it out of the way yes this is one of the best series produced on any medium and no it is not overrated. I keep typing things and deleting them because I have no idea what I’m currently feeling towards this but I want to get some of my thoughts out of the way before I go to bed and before I get a chance to watch End of Evangelion. …

  • Casablanca



    It’s still the same old story. Almost 80 years later and Casablanca remains one of the most iconic films ever made and perhaps the one film that comes to mind when people think of the word ‘movie’. It’s the definition of a classic, but is it a classic because it’s great or is it great because it’s a classic? 

    The truth is that, short of a time machine, there’s really no way to separate the myth and legend of Casablanca

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  • Chaos



    Possibly my new favourite modern Egyptian film. A tragic tale of power, politics and unrequited love centred around the character of Hatem played by screen great Khaled Saleh, and a (dramatised) look at the corruption that plagued Egyptian society and would spark the Jan 25 revolution only a few short years later.

    It's a classic story of good triumphing over evil and while some characters are exaggerated out of necessity, none come off as cartoonishly so. They are all visages…

  • Mortdecai


    Johnny Depp needs to take his fake British accent and his stale schtick and move far far away from any film camera. This might genuinely be one of the least funny things I’ve seen.


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  • Waltz with Bashir

    Waltz with Bashir

    Oh no the poor IDF soldiers have PTSD from knowingly participating in a massacre against civilians :( maybe if they were tried and punished for their crimes they would feel better :D 

    As someone mentioned it’s like if a Nazi made a movie trying to get you to sympathise with him because of the PTSD he got from the concentration camps, then proceeded to absolve himself of guilt because he was only a guard and didn’t directly take part in the killing he knew was going on inside. 

    1 star for cool animation / soundtrack

    My Cinematic Travels 

  • Roma



    I've been sitting here for the past half hour trying to gather my thoughts because I have so much I want to say but no idea how to say it. It's only a while after you're done watching Roma that the sheer weight of what you've just seen hits you. It's a film so ambitious it borders on narcissism, but Cuaron somehow manages to pull it off and leave us with what is undoubtedly the best movie of the year.…