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  • Heartbreakers



    If an LA hangout movie in the mid-’80s shot by Michael Ballhaus and scored by Tangerine Dream wasn’t enough to get you hooked into Heartbreakers, Bobby Roth also made this what feels like one of the defining films about trying to figure out your early to mid 30s. Reckoning with seismic shifts in your dreams and career aspirations, trying to learn how to finally grow the fuck up and be an adult. Realizing that other people are full bodied human…

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    “Can you dig it?”

    Emphatically, yes. Roger Hill is so great in that opening scene, so commanding as he holds court and you genuinely believe this man has the sway to unite these tens of thousands of people together to turn the fight against their oppressors. As a result, you really feel the sting of the senseless, random force of anarchy that rips that all apart.

    It makes a lot of sense that Walter Hill would follow up this film…

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  • The Savages

    The Savages


    “We always bring ourselves into the films that we watch, experiencing them through the lens of our own histories and relationships with the world, so it makes sense that anytime I’m watching a story centered around a sibling relationship, my sister is heavy on my mind. Often it’s a feeling of jealousy, a pang of ache because the film is focused on siblings who have an affection and a bond between them that I was never able to feel. Sometimes,…

  • Clearcut



    Included in Severin Films’ folk horror boxset All the Haunts Be Ours and it’s certainly a wrenching watch. Graham Greene plays an Indigenous activist who kidnaps a liberal lawyer who failed to protect his community’s land from a logging mill manager, and kidnaps the manager as well.

    We see the sort of dueling evils of these two white guys, the one who is unabashedly a scumbag who values the dollar above the land, but also the ineptitude and uselessness of…

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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up

    The Other Guys is a sharper, more well-rounded satire than any of McKay’s last three movies. Can’t believe the man who created one of the true comedic masterpieces of the 21st century would turn into maybe the most annoying filmmaker working today. Felt actively angry the entire two and a half hours of this, and certainly not in the way McKay wants you to be. It reeks with that smug "I'm so much smarter than everyone" humor of Vice, similarly…

  • Joe Bell

    Joe Bell


    The "I love my dead gay son!" scene in Heathers turned into an unironic, maudlin, deeply insulting story of how a gay teen's suicide became the tragic backstory for his shitty father's redemption story. This is a movie that genuinely uses the memory of the teen (a real person) to say that he forgives his father for neglecting him and not doing anything to protect him from the extreme abuse that was being inflicted upon him.

    And, of course, that…