Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★½

this film resonates so much with me for countless different reasons and i feel so overwhelmed with how much i loved this. although there’s definitely a few flaws, abby and harper’s relationship is hands down possibly the best represented wlw relationship i’ve seen in a film ever. the writers knew exactly how to portray the highs and lows of what they went through and still managed to keep a happy ending which is very rare in films like these.

not only is the plot perfect, but the every character and their development is shown flawlessly. personally, this is the first aubrey plaza character that is actually likeable for me which made watching this more enjoyable because it was amazing to see how much she contributed to the storyline with such little screentime but i loved her and aubrey did an amazing job.

the story was so beautifully unravelled and it made me sob at least 10 times throughout mainly because it was such an accurate portrayal of the experiences people have nowadays. it really hit home and i’m so grateful that it was done right. i know many people will hold this film close to their heart as i’ve done.

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