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  • Blue Vengeance

    Blue Vengeance

    Super fun heavy metal themed slasher cop hybrid movie, lots of cool NYC locations and punk rock references. The villain's super ridiculous over the top obsession with his old metal band is a great concept that fuels his rage for sell outs. at first this one was going to get 3 stars but the finale bumped this up a full star with the incredible jousting! I need more movies like this to see for the first time. Top notch late 80's thriller, also dig the metal killer's X-men "Inferno Tee"...

  • The Outing

    The Outing

    If you're looking for a cheezy 80's monster movie that's also a ton of fun, The Outing delivers the goods for sure!! The bad guy ex boyfriend teenage villain dude is so over the top, his hallway fight scene is so epic-ly ridiculous it's worth the price of admission alone. Add in a cool spooky museum for the movie's main set piece and a mean ass genie creature that's released from a stolen lamp, pissed off Corbas in a bath tub & some sweet FX done in that oh so special 80's fashion and you've got a full on under appreciated forgotten gem.