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This review may contain spoilers.

I wanna fart in your face 

Okay but really am I really about to give every PTA film a 10? I can’t help myself, he creates stories I love. Writes characters I can’t take my eyes off of. 
There isn’t much of a solid plot to this movie really. It’s more of an observation of this strange relationship this character develops with “the master”. It’s a character study at its finest I feel like. 
Performances are jaw dropping. PSH and Joaquin Pheonix are unsurprisingly phenomenal. Every character has a chance to shine I feel like. That’s the thing about these movies is that every actor is always doing their best. 
Joaquin and PSH worked so perfectly together, I was mesmerized the whole time. 
This movie seems like it’s going to end with Freddie having some big transformation and become this perfect innocent soul, but the end of the film we see him right where he started out. And there’s something sadly beautiful about that.
Some people go on “life changing” journies but come out the same. Some people require more than one massive journey to change who they are. It’s very real and I like the honesty behind the writing here. We don’t need Freddie driving off into the sunset with dorris, we need to understand how someone like Freddie would handle a journey like this. 
Some people can’t change, no matter how much you love them. A sad message, but one that most movies overlook.