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Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Just before I get into my review of the movie and my experience. I just want to say please do not rob yourself the experience of seeing, reading and/or watching any spoilers on this movie. Depends on where you sit as a fan of the MCU, Spider-Man or just movies in general, it could just really ruin what you could experience. Raw emotions and so much more. 

I was lucky enough to get me and Sophie tickets to day of release in IMAX. Man what an experience. Not just the joys of IMAX cinema, also the atmosphere of MCU/ Spider-Man fans all joining together to enjoy the ride. Everyone laughing and crying together. Everyone clapping at certain characters appearing. I don’t know why I enjoyed that but it just made me feel happy that watching a movie with complete strangers and experiencing that, it’s so wholesome. 

I hadn’t really been a fan of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man that much, I don’t like Homecoming at all either. I feel like his Spider-Man was heavily reliant on Iron Man. As a father figure and his tech. In this movie, it completely shows his character to be his own person. Brings out traits that aren’t the same as Iron Man and genuinely made me value him as Spider-Man not Iron Man Jr. 

The characters in this where just brilliant. I guess I’ll go through groups of characters and discuss my thoughts of them as I go. 

First of, the Ned and MJ were just amazing. Again like the other two Spider-Man’s (mainly Homecoming) I hated MJ and Ned. I felt they were annoying and didn’t really serve a purpose. I grew to like Ned more in FFH but still had no liking to MJ. In this, I absolutely loved them. They played their parts so well and didn’t feel pointless. Before the movie started, I was saying to Sophie how I hope Ned and MJ aren’t in it as much as they don’t really fit in with the movie. I’m glad I was proven wrong and I was glad they were in it. 

Doctor Strange. Man I love Doctor Strange. Even though I loving him as a character, I thought it was good how Doctor Strange didn’t have control over Spider-Man’s actions. The three movies before No Way Home, Spider-Man always served as a powerful puppet to someone and he couldn’t do what he wanted to. 
[Civil War - Iron Man, Homecoming - Iron Man again (shocker), Far From Home - Nick Fury]
This plays into my Spider-Man point again, having amazing character development as him going against Strange and even battling him was just perfect and shows Spider-Man’s true character. Doctor Strange doesn’t feel side lined at all, he’s in it when he’s needed and is so engaging when he’s in. 
The villains 
One of my favourite parts was the villains. I just loved how they were introduced, all their action scenes and all of the being in the same room at times. I just thought it was great, really liked Sand Man in this too. Electro did amazing again like in ASM2 but I just loved Green Goblin. Everything about Willem Dafoe’s performance was just phenomenal. Everyone died at him saying “I’m some what of a scientist myself”. Just one of the best quotes ever to be brought back.
Doc Ock was fantastic too, they did great to include him near the end despite him turning back to good, making him a good guy and helping the Spider-Men was just great. 

Spider-Man 2 & 3
Quite possibly what makes this film, the greatest MCU film there is. The nostalgia, the chemistry between all three. The memories. The pure joy they brought to everyone by appearing. One of my favourite parts of the movie was when Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man got introduced as well as Toby Maguire’s. It was so heartwarming. Then him saving Tom Holland’s MJ to make it up to Gwen is just amazing writing. It made me cry. I just can’t express how awe-struck I was with the three Spider-Mans together. 

The action was just insane. I was so engaged completely all the way through this movie and I can truly say, it’s the best MCU movie I’ve seen (it’s hard to say whether I like Infinity War more though…) 

Just before I go on to the two end credits scenes. I just want to say my favourite bits:
My number one scene is as Tom Holland going to kill Green Goblin and Toby Maguire intervening and just looking at Tom. I genuinely just loved that. 
Like previously mentioned, Andrew Garfield’s entrance and him saving MJ. 
My heart weeped for Norman Osborn when he didn’t know what he’d just done. 
The entire bridge scene. 

Now that I’ve gushed that out. I just wanted to say my thoughts on the end credit scenes. 
The Venom one kinda makes me excited to see what they are going to do with that but it seems like we are going to get a Venom 3, which I don’t think Venom movies are that good. Or Spider-Man 4, Venom is going to be a main character. I don’t really have a problem with that, but will be interesting to see it. It’s kinda weird too how they teased Venom and Spider-Man being together in Venom 2, I was surprised he wasn’t in this film but it makes sense why he wasn’t. 

Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer was great, I am excited to see this but I don’t know how they could top this movie to be fair.

Overall, this was a fat review but I just needed to get my thoughts out there. This film completely blew me away and went above and beyond all my expectations. I truly can’t fault the film and the amount of joy and sadness I got from this film was just all I could want to experience.

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