Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½


Gushing with an insanely unique style, charming characters and designs, an absorbing world and brilliant stop-motion, this film is a visual masterpiece and great feat of film-making in that regard. To create a story out of this format is truly bringing a creative and heartfelt story to life. Every character is written with charismatic nature and eccentric quirks. From Mr. Fox’s self-applauding pep talks, Rat’s spaghetti western villain inspired lines, Kylie’s “play-dead” eyes to Ash’s grumpiness conflicting with Kryssotfferson’s godly athleticism, this movie is filled with a lot of life and a lively atmosphere. The colors being mostly shades of orange, yellow and red add such a nice warmth to it all, just enhancing that tone of affection and friendliness. Soundtrack was very pleasing too. Overall filled with enthusiastic creativity and bursting moments of an unmatched artistry and imaginativeness. My only (small) issue with the film is the plot and visuals can lack in some scenes, especially the side view of them digging. But really just a wonderfully fun film!! Highly recommend.

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