Knives Out

Knives Out

ladies and gentlemen... it finally happened........ after three previous attempts........ 2019 is a year of miracles......... i finally have found a Rian Johnson film i liked

in fact—i loved Knives Out. it's fun and fresh, never taking itself too seriously while playing with the generic conventions and beats. it's the sort of rip-roaring lighthearted fun and intrigue you'd always want out of a family gathering, but so rarely get—which is why watching the Thrombeys is so delightful... they're self-absorbed, arrogant, selfish, scared, but they're also silly and charming and so strange, they feel just like family. in particular, Michael Shannon and Toni Collette shine brightest from the family; Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas make for an excellent, unexpected pair.

as much as this is a fun ~who dun it~ mystery, there's a lot of genuine heart. Marta is good, smart, and well-meaning... nearly to a fault, but Harlan sees the light in her and guides her toward a brighter future. it's sweet! it's sad! it's tender! it's everything i love in a movie, backed by Chris Evans acting like a megadouche and Michael Shannon yelling at everyone and Jamie Lee Curtis commanding all the attention with her sharp gaze

it's like... a donut with a hole in the center, and in the hole there is another donut, with yet another hole

also Michael Shannon please call me when you are free. i am available to hangout thanks

#8/34 on 2019 Ranked—as of November

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