A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★½

“all of you have this inner strength, some special power that you’ve had in your most wonderful dreams. together, we can learn to use that power if we try”

SO NO ONE WAS GOING TO TELL ME JUST HOW FUCKING GOOD THIS IS AND I JUST HAD TO FIND THAT OUT FOR MYSELF?????! this one is definitely the darkest though so of course i love it lmao and it might even be my favourite or at least on par with the first even though the first is great, it’s definitely technically better and as iconic as it is for a reason 

the scene where nancy is the only one that’s able to calm kristen down because she’s the only one that has the same trauma is so powerful. nancy helping other traumatised people after what she went through! how gorgeous the dream sequences are! just nancy in general <3 kristen being able to pull people into her dreams was such a great element to add. i have such a massive weakness for bonds that are formed through trauma and i love them coming to work together and i liked all of the characters as individuals too which is a rarity in a slasher film and i was actually saddened when any of them died and was rooting for them to survive. i feel like it has something to say about mentally ill people (especially those in hospitals and with psychotic type disorders) not being listened to and everything they ever say just being lumped under that “crazy talk” umbrella when some things are very real and even if they’re not, it’s still real to that person and they’re still deserving of compassion

damn i didn’t expect this to get me so in my feelings!!! i would probably give this five stars if it weren’t for not really liking the ending and the fact it felt quite rushed

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