Lightyear ★★★★

the screening I went was titled “the andy experience” and I thought it was really cute and thoughtful. 

I ignored all criticisms for this film wholeheartedly, this was my most anticipated of the year and I wasn’t in the mood to be let down by critics. I might be a little bias here but It was perfect for me. the animation is beautiful and I loved the characters in this film especially chris evans as lightyear. I mean, some scenes did felt a bit dragged out and slow but otherwise I still had a great experience watching it. what’s odd is that my screening only had like 12 people and it’s stadium seating, I was so expecting the screening to be sold out and I thought there was going to be much more hype. otherwise, I’m all about disney dropping their movies in june so It’s definitely MY summer film.

also, I want to collect every sox the cat toy. plushie, funko pop.. you know it

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