• Nocebo



    i remember flmaud activity thing where we had to make the score out of Philippine instruments for horror (parasite)

  • When the Waves are Gone

    When the Waves are Gone


    my first lav diaz film and i got to experience it firsthand on cinema!! so cool

  • Mga Tigre ng Infanta

    Mga Tigre ng Infanta


    ewan, wala nmn aq comment dito i was jus kinda confused cause the film overall iz confounded (also am kinda sleepy tired at this point while writing this so) that checks out since i was FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE to not fall asleep(1) (not the films fault) to the point i was watching this with one eye HAHAHHASHA experimental din daw pala to saur i appreciate it more bc of that, doesn't change the fact that i'm still kinda ?huh?? about it tho (siguro inaantok lang talaga ako)

  • 12 Weeks

    12 Weeks


    OK I WANNA REVIEW THIS FILM SO BAD I WAS REVIEWING IT IN MY HEAD OMW HOME this is jus me trying to held myself accountable to actually do it (tho i already saw a review that basically said the thoughts i wanted to say, peek my liked reviews idk/forgot how to do HTML here yet lol) but ig tignan natin nawili aq sobra ireview scuffly yung qcinema shorts napagod na me i was supposed to do school stuff ffs xd

  • the river that never ends

    the river that never ends


    rlly nice poe, not the film's fault (i think ,) but i was rlly fighting FOR MY LIFE to stay awake cause i wanna absorb the film at its fullest , gr8 nc shots etc etc bla bla i jus feel like with these type of films where the dialogues are rare or that it never tells you upfront what they're trying to convey (and i get the creative direction/execution/watever) the material tends to be vague (doh); creating different perspectives…

  • Saving the Country Maiden

    Saving the Country Maiden


    this one, i liked how it looked and all,, but it felt so . disconnected ?ion even think that's the right word? maybe? (is it because the film looked too nice for it's own good? or the fact that u can feel that they had money/time/effort to make this film idrk) i did enjoy what i was looking at, until it felt draggy for me in the middle, like i jus wanted for them (at least the guy) to get…

  • Bold Eagle

    Bold Eagle


    this film was saur quirky n funne and meaningful too yep what a good middle break(?) to break the composure/structure of the lineup (at least compared to the other shorts), parang kape ng qshorts fr barako ganern pwede rin mag muni muni at one point haha

  • Luzonensis Osteoporosis

    Luzonensis Osteoporosis


    despite me not being able to watch the first part of the film i jus know it's good the vibes r so yes yes yes

  • Why Did the Carabao Cross the Carayan?

    Why Did the Carabao Cross the Carayan?


    there was nothing wrong with it, i enjoyed it even; i just got bored TTATT

  • Elehiya



    jus leaves a weird aftertaste in ur eyes after watching

    tbc or not idk should i try to recollect what the film is to describe how unsettling it was for everyone in that theater, the crew included? lol it was the first screening after all commemorating the late cast and such 


  • Titane



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    baket naging genetic maging bakal

    haha batumbakal titane batumbakal

  • Climax



    nahilo lng aq fre

    (need a rewatch if ever i didn't rlly pay attention 100% *shrug*)

    first Gaspar Noe film q pa nmn to naku