Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★½

just a quick review but o my god i loved it!
i feel i sometimes fall into the trap of knowing how i feel about a movie, then seeing the majority’s thoughts and reactions and letting it sway my opinion. i read this movie had not so great reviews before watching it but decided to give it a chance anyway. i am so god damn glad i did. this is some obscure, abstract artsy film shit and u bet i ate it right up. alison brie is brilliant in her portrayal of an anxious woman on a downwards spiral who slowly begins to believe the obscurities happening to her are real and not just dreams. molly shannon was also very charming.
i really liked the score! it was intense and in a way really satisfying to listen to. definitely added to the weird and wonderful vibe of the film. i’m trying to find it on youtube or spotify but having no luck.
can’t wait to watch it again. :)

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