Moonlight ★★★★★

dude no homo but i love this movie with my whole entire heart.  
i love everything; the performances & the story & writing, the editing & cinematography and framing, the music and title cards & production design. i was gonna try to make a whole in depth review of how much i loved it all, but i’m at a loss for words that encompass the beauty of it all. i think a good way of summing it up, for me, is just to say that chiron laying his head on kevin’s shoulder and kevin holding his head, is fully the most touching, loving, beautiful shot i’ve maybe ever seen ever ever ever. also i really liked how they kept bringing up whether chiron is hard or soft, i think that’s such a good parallel to the movie as a whole.  i can’t articulate but i really fucking loved this movie. a lot.
ps. i think the line “in moonlight black boys look blue” is just such beautiful writing. i’m so sorry barry jenkins for not being able to think of any adjectives other than beautiful just know i really love ur movie babe thank you for making it

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