American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★½

so eerie and unsettling and compelling and disgusting. the book is maybe the most fucked-up thing i’ve ever read (which is saying something, i read a lot) and this was such a beyond great adaptation. the directing, the use of the soundtrack, the writing, the lighting, and, especially, CHRISTIAN FUCKING BALE! the film really nailed the drab, removed conversations and the complete       asshole-ery of all the p&p guys. bateman was portrayed perfectly, and his character is so compelling and horrifying. the extremes of his person, the composed calmness and the hysteria, the faux-morality and the complete brutality, everything is so mind-warping and confusing and perfect. the scene in bateman’s apartment where he describes his routine and the idea of patrick bateman is genius. also, that last shot of just his eyes, sOooO gOOod. one thing in particular that i really liked is that harron paired patrick bateman’s introspections on music with the murders. in the book the music musings were their own separate chapters and were kind of jarring in how they were just there to interrupt the narrative, but in the film it’s so jarring in a different and better way, as it illustrates just the inhumanity of patrick, as he talks about art so matter-of-factly and robotically while gearing up to commit such horrors.

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