Spencer ★★★★

“will they kill me do you think?” ouch.

those final scenes of diana and her boys enjoying time together away from the restraints and rules of royalty were beyond precious. an ending i wish had been real and the start of a new chapter for her in real life. she deserved it, those boys deserved it. 

kristen stewart shines here. in fact, i think shines is an understatement. she embodied diana that well there were times where i wondered if i was watching archived tapes from decades ago of the real woman. to add to this brilliance, jonny greenwood’s score heightens the emotion, the fear, the torment and the breakdown of a woman caught up in a demonic family - i cannot shake off the heartbreak i feel because of it. that is how you do it.

i hope we have our academy award for best actress in a leading role and academy award for best original score winners here because i do not think any other performance or score will top either, and as of right now, any other performance or score winning would be a travesty.

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