Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★

“pain only makes us stronger.”

when it hits you during this that if misogyny wasn’t so prevalent at disney and marvel this film would have been created and released in 2010s, leading to a thoroughly deserved black widow trilogy…

natasha deserved better. deserved more. deserved her own trilogy. deserved her own focus in other mcu films. deserved the belief from marvel that she was not there to be a love interest or a sexual object. deserved a better ending.

despite all of this, this film was such a beautiful exploration of who she was and what made her our black widow. the love and determination she had inside of her, the fight left in her after everything she went through. she lived just as she died, a hero and i could not have asked for a better character to be our first female avenger. 

i will miss her always but cannot wait to see yelena get revenge. clint is bones and we love to see it

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