Moonlight ★★★★½

Heart-achingly romantic. Breathtakingly artistic. Unmistakably authentic. Barry Jenkins’ passion for this tale rings so powerfully through every scene… every shot… every look… The score is haunting and melancholic, complementing the lush cinematography to envelope the film in a deeply moving, poignant mood. The performances are so raw and emotive. The young men who play ‘Little’, ‘Chiron’ and ‘Black’ mirror each other’s internal pain and suffering masterfully to help create a fluid, seamless narrative that propels itself through three turbulent acts. Naomi Harris is magnificent as a character you’re never quite sure whether to pity or despise. Andre Holland adds charm and warmth. Mahershala Ali is a wise, reassuring tour-de-force. The entire ensemble shines, luminous… as if bathed in moonlight.

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