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  • Serial (Bad) Weddings

    Serial (Bad) Weddings


    I laughed a few times, it's generally a positive, upbeat movie, but for all the hullabaloo about how un PC it is, it reflects a fantasy of camaraderie that is so far removed from reality that it frankly makes me a little uncomfortable how much the French love it. White rich French Catholics learn to be accepting of anyone, any race, any creed! Provided they're upper middle class, educated, secular, socially integrated. Helps if you're good lookin' too. Ultimately after the laughs subside it leaves me a little cold - even if the director meant well.

  • Nymphomaniac



    Seen in one fell swoop, time ceased to matter as this was a deeply engaging and well-paced film, held together by a perfect framing device and excellent performances (aside from Shia LaBeouf; I really wish the character of young Jerome would have been cast differently).

    Apart from the main focus on human sexuality I found myself very interested (and troubled) by the deliciously meta deconstruction of how as inherently selfish beings, we fail to profoundly understand each other. Deliberately or…