Aberration ★★★★

This not receiving more love than it does is the real aberration. Vinegar Syndrome! Arrow! Severin, Blue Underground, ANYBODY!!! Track down the original negatives and get this on Blu-ray with all the bells and whistles.

Aberration manages to perfect the SyFy original monster flick formula despite not being one, as well as showing joyous goreful puppet trauma horror without the involvement of either Charles Band or Roger Corman. It knows how to keep the movie moving without dragging, and it knows when to delight an audience with flesh-eating geckos, and it definitely knows when an Antonio Banderas-type needs to bust in like he just walked off the set of Desperado to add yet another glorious B-movie element to the mix.

Aberration appears simple on the surface, but what it does with genre tropes it does well. And gooey. And gorey. And killy. And stabby. And puppety.

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