• The Stuff

    The Stuff


    Why are you talking like you're on a commercial?

    everyday absurdities, contradictions, and places of mental tension as imperial capitalism showers the same citizens it breaks and degrades with unsustainably decadent luxury, given pleasurable form thru sparkling crackling b movie effects and PERFORMANCES...much love taken in The Way People Say Things. multiple autism accents in this. larry cohen seems like the man!

  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    starting 2 think that if there was an objectively Best Director Of All Time it'd be mario bava,,,the type of movie where u can feel the wind on yr skin, where the light is bent to the godlike will of images, where u suddenly become more aware of the ancient infrastructures trapping u from all sides. endless stimulation on offer in his films, endless layers of atmosphere and craft and weirdly convoluted plotting on top of eachother, seems impossible to…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    I just wish it was more simple.

    people over power. souls over systems.

    ive struggled for a while to rly rly hit on why snyder's dc trilogy is so viscerally powerful for me, why these movies are THE pieces of art that have convinced me that superheroes are worthwhile and amazing and powerful, that have persuaded me away from my unconscious but firm instincts that superheros are inextricable from authoritarian supremacist nonsense...they have singlehandedly undone the mental damage the mcu…




    Will anybody even care?

    kind of a more impressionist version of the sixth sense (which is intentionally spotlighted) thru the lens of online analog horror, which isnt specifically my scene (tho maybe it could be!), but very emotionally stirring nonetheless. among more obvious similarities , it has the sixth sense's compassion, which is its most undervalued crucial strength. some rly striking imagery too, and im rly enthusiastic about the First Person Perspective As Found Footage, raising a lot of cool…

  • True Stories

    True Stories


    You know, things that never had names before are now easily described. Makes conversation easy.

    a near constant stream of some of the best combinations of words ever conceived. life is beautiful

  • Skinamarink



    Can you be a brave little guy for me?

    potentially impossible-to-beat forerunner for best of the decade. or All Decades maybe if u give me enough time to think ab it. filled with such total faith in Expression , it might as well be an affirmation of the entire genre and medium,,,i think i made a mistake being hasty to describe this as Inhuman or unnatural or whatever because its so obvious that literally every shot every cut every beat…

  • Elemental



    It's really tasty if you water it down a little!

    a more complicated reaction then would be convenient for me...i took me till the end of the movie rly to admit it to myself, but i like the high level romantic stuff and some of the accompanying setpieces. the best moments often read like a fluff fanfic of itself, highly indulgently sentimental in a way i fundamentally respect and that its difficult to harden my heart towards. there are also…

  • Lightyear



    All these new ideas...yaknow what, we'll go ahead and erase those too.

    Very Bad Pixar, but relatively high tier among those tbh. the grabbag of various sci fi high concepts (none of which are rly committed to) and pastiches of better movies is pretty refreshing! its completely committed to pure straightforward fantasy in a way that pixar rarely allows, and in that sense it shows growth! moment to moment, id also say the direction isnt too too bad...certainly has more…

  • Brave



    been sticking in my mind enough that after a kinda shitty shift this clicked into my head as a relatively detached and breezy comfort watch. the pixar brainworms r truly horrible and im glad im almost free. that being said this movie rocks and i have even more appreciation for it coming back after a couple stellar recent entries, the promise of which is honestly kinda here...more compromised perhaps, a bit more limited then those later films, but the earliest…

  • Turning Red

    Turning Red


    I accept and embrace all labels.

    srry to always tie even the pixar movies i love back to what i dont like ab them, but i think watching luca and this back to back gave me an idea of what the antidote to that existentially crushing Pixar Feeling is...it exists somewhere in the intersection between the mundane modernity bullshit, the obsession with The Way Things Are, the big revelations often amounting to Actually Things Were Fine All Along U Just…

  • Luca



    The next time that you jump off the cliff, or tell Bruno to quit bothering you, that's me.

    a whole pixar movie just for me...feels like cheating to say a Literal fish out of water story gave me autism feelings but i think those r rly reinforced by the FORM, the way things move and the way things look, the way it seems to invite imagining how objects and creatures would feel to touch, the amount of time it takes…

  • Soul



    Stop talking! My unconscious mind hates you!

    ig i think its mid, but just saying that gives v little indication of the Sheer Distance between the highs and the lows. theres part of me that wants to rate this higher for a couple of things i found stirring...for one i think this is a mostly excellent portrayal of jazz, serviced by a soundtrack that Rly Is That Good. ive felt myself slowly growing more and more convinced over the past…