You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice ★★½

The James Bond Movie Challenge (5/24):

Easily the most over the top James Bond movie that I've seen so far, You Only Live Twice sees the abduction of both Russian and American space crafts by a mysterious vessel, and is on the verge of bringing the world to another World War. With the first encounter between Bond and his arch nemesis Blofield (Donald Pleasence), the stakes are higher than ever as Bond is pitted against SPECTRE in Lewis Gilbert's first entry to the franchise. However, despite the potential, You Only Live Twice is probably the weakest Bond movie that I've seen so far, feeling utterly unlike the previous entries and could have almost been its own standalone movie, were it not for the fact that Sean Connery was back in action as James Bond, in his final outing as the character before being replaced by George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

With a script from popular children's author, Ronald Dahl, this was the first movie to stray from the source material. It's got plenty of camp, plenty of humour and plenty of over the to action sequences that when pieced together, don't exactly make this film unwatchable, but don't quite have the desired impact that previous entries in the franchise have had like Goldfinger and my favourite so far in Chronological order, From Russia with Love. There's plenty of problems with this movie and it's far from the most memorable entry in the franchise.

Like Thunderball, You Only Live Twice prioritises gadgets over a down to earth plot, and as a result allows for an underwhelming but entertaining experience.

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