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Wow. I was finally able to get the chance to see this film and it was certainly worth the wait to see it - especially at the Cinema - because Moonlight is just an awesome, mind-blowing experience, further cementing it as my personal favourite for the Best Picture Award at this year's Oscars, despite the fact that La La Land was amazing as well. It's just soo good, so brilliantly directed by Barry Jenkins and really benefits from several incredible performances that really make it an absolute must-see.

Like Richard Linklater's Boyhood (only better than an already amazing film), Moonlight tells a coming of age story over several years focusing on Chiron, a young man and his struggle to find out who he really is, experiencing multiple new things for the first time. It's a really powerful, moving journey as well and the performances of all three actors who play Chiron at different points of his life, Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Travante Rhodes, knock it out of the park. The supporting cast too is on top form, particularly Mahershala Ali, who deserves an Oscar for best supporting actor as much as the film itself deserves one for Best Picture, Andre Holland (who is equally as good in Cinemax's brilliant show The Knick) and Naomi Harris are also exceptional and it is just a terrific ensemble film.

The direction from Jenkins, as well as the cinematography and atmosphere created in the movie, is amazing. It's clear, well constructed and benefits from several memorable scenes. The film goes for an effective, powerful approach that really works and as a whole, everything just pays off incredibly well. Barry Jenkins is a director to watch even if this film doesn't get the Awards that it should (and that's probably only because it was unfortunately released in the same year as La La Land), and Moonlight should absolutely be essential viewing. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you only end up watching one Best Picture nominated movie for this year, make it this one (The others are great too though, because although I haven't seen Fences yet - should be watching on Sunday - I haven't been disappointed by a film so far).

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