Halloween ★★★★★

Hoop-Tober 2016 Film #29 of 31

John Carpenter is responsible for two of my favourite movies, Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing and he knocks things out of the park here with the 1978 classic Halloween which for some reason I haven't seen yet. Still, it's another classic ticked off my watchlist and an excellent way to reach the final stages of Hoop-Tober, leaving audiences both awed and terrified with an amazing, intense experience that's one of the best horror movies ever.

Serial killers and slasher movies are always pretty fun and when they are good they are often *very* good and that is very much the case with Halloween which knocks things out of the park as Michael Myers joins the list of iconic horror villains. The opening scene in particular is a chilling highlight that sets the tone for the movie, with the suspense focusing on Myers as he returns to his hometown where he has been institutionalized since murdering his sister. When Myers escapes the race is on to recapture him before he kills again, as everything plays out incredibly well.

With Halloween tomorrow it's interesting to watch this movie today as I don't normally go for themed movie watches on certain days aside from a couple of exceptions so it was nice to use that as an excuse to get this out of the way and off my bucket list. It's a damn near essential experience for any horror fan though and captures the setting of Halloween incredibly well, using it as an excellent backdrop to let Michael Myers lose on an unsuspecting suburban area.

Like The Exorcist, the score is iconic and instantly memorable. Halloween stands heads and shoulders above most horror movies in the genre and although I think I prefer The Thing to this one, both are Carpenter at the top of his game. Looks like I may have made the right choice in watching this before the remake, but we'll see when I give the remake a go later today.

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