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Friday the 13th ★★★

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Friday the 13th reboots the classic horror franchise which admittedly I haven't been too keen on and was planning on watching The Evil Dead 2 for the first time in this category instead but my flatmates decided to watch a horror film for the first time so we instead ended up watching the original Friday the 13th... only for one of my flatmates to complain that it wasn't scary enough so we switched over to the reboot only for them to get to scared and walked off halfway through, leaving us with three rather than four people watching this.

It's a decent horror slasher but nothing special, with the prologue being pretty terrible and a reminder why Michael Bay's name is attached to this film. However when Sam Winchester and Caitlin Snow (Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and The Flash's Danielle Panabaker) show up things get a bit more interesting if for the most part everyone is pretty dull and their characters are all so stereotypical and annoying it's hard to get invested in them as they get chopped to pieces in gory, OTT ways that remind everyone that this film isn't afraid to go into dark and deadly places.

It was fun seeing Padalecki here as a fan of Supernatural but he's basically playing Sam Winchester again whilst Panabaker is cast in a stereotypical role. Whilst most of the deaths here are predictable there is one that I didn't see coming, but on the whole everything is largely forgettable and a waste of time. There's a typical jock character, typical comedic stoner type characters etc, this film has every stereotype you can imagine as a result it's hard to get invested in the characters' survival and you almost end up wanting Jason to kill them when they inevitably do something stupid. If you know the 'rules' of horror movies then you'll know who does and doesn't make it.

There is a decent connection to the original Friday the 13th as this storyline is a reboot, not a remake. How Jason finds his classic hockey mask feels cheap and not worthy of the iconic moment that it aspires to create and he's virtually the only memorable character here, I'm struggling to remember most of the character's names and I just finished watching it. I think Padalecki's character was called Clay and the tough guy stereotype was Trent? And there was also a Jenna? That's about it.

But there are some decent slasher moments here - and Derek Mears is a pretty sinister Jason who really makes an impression. The music is unsettling and its an excellent atmosphere that is created here. Just a pity that the middle act and the first act are kind of rubbish, because the third act is actually a pretty solid one even if the ending tries and fails to pull off an effective jump scare. So it's a bit too hit/miss for my liking to truly be great but there are signs here of a promising movie.

I guess maybe if I liked the original Friday the 13th more I would have enjoyed this one but the Marcus Nispel directed film suffers from having a mostly unlikeable cast aside from Jenna and Clay and a weak opening/middle act that kind of leaves audiences feeling underwhelmed and as a result I can only cautiously recommend this. Watch it if you've seen everything else or are a Friday the 13th completist.

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