Blonde ★★★★

A horror story; not a biopic. Nightmare on Elm Street, Fire Walk With Me are the films to compare this to; it's an odyssey of torment and chaos. Ana de Armas is superb in the lead role as Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe - two distinctively different people, which the film and the poster makes very much clear - caught between two worlds and never fully in control of her own destiny. An harrowing 40 minutes opening reveals that Monroe is running from monsters all her life - Julianne Nicholson is rightly terrifying - and the blend of childhood trauma with real adulthood nightmare feels like this film isn't making any friends from the moment it starts; deliberately haunting and deliberately alienating. It wants you not to like it and openly dares you to come out in its favour.

Marilyn Monroe's The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford - because everyone gets their own, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis proving that they're the best composers currently working in Hollywood with a melancholic score for the ages - Andrew Dominik's technical craft is insane as he captures the old school Hollywood heyday - leering and soul-destroying as the people that inhabited it, inescapable - tearing apart the mask of celebrity and fame in a way that will probably age well, as a character study torn between two worlds it's second to none.

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