The Kid

The Kid ★★★★½

2018-2019 Letterboxd Season Challenge

Week 11: November 18th-24th
Silent Comedy Week

Introduced as "a picture with a smile - perhaps a tear", Charlie Chaplin's The Kid is a film that finds the perfect balance between slapstick comedy and poignant drama. This was the first feature by Charlie Chaplin who reprises his role as the Tramp. The Kid tells the tale of an orphaned child who is left by his unmarried mother in a car in a wealthy neighborhood that is stolen by some car thieves. The thieves discover the baby and deposit him on the sidewalk of a slum area where he is found by the Tramp. The movie takes off from there and focuses on the antics that occur between the Tramp and the child. Interestingly the child is played by Jackie Coogan who was the original Uncle Fester from the Adam's Family. The Kid is a mere 53 minutes long, but it is chock full of hilarious set pieces while also packing an emotional whollop. This is definitely ranks as one of my favorite Chaplin movies.

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