RRR ★★★★

“i was under the impression that guns would bring us freedom. but bheem inspired everyone with just a song.”

rise, roar and revolt; telugu guts and glory immortalized on the grand scale of s.s rajamouli’s heroic invigoration. a fire-wielding, visceral behemoth, stampeding towards the preservation of one’s culture, history and dignity—where brotherhood is spawned and surges from the oppressive infernos of imperial rule. gorgeously gonzo ultra-violence fused into a revolutionary footloose catharsis, the film is brilliantly textured and bat-shit. the majesty of ‘dudes rock’ enzymatic with pain, betrayal and the one element that binds everything: love (for your homie in a uniform). anchoring its smashing extravaganza in rage and bloodshed, rrr is a deeply felt crescendo of rajamouli’s wildest imaginations—begging to be experienced on the big screen.

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