Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark ★★★

The main character is a pastiche of The Exorcist, The Swordsman(A Chinese Ghost Story), and Leon(the Professional). The film is structured like a mix between Leon, Evil Dead II, Die Hard, Girl, Interrupted and Dredd. And its score sounds like worryingly similar to that of Bubsy 3D. This film is just nuts. Nothing about it feels structured, yet it clearly borrows a lot from films with rather famous structures. Its comedy is just balls to the wall insanity, which doesnt work a LOT of the time, and feels mostly like an unrefined version of the humor in Kung Fu Hustle, but when its batshit insanity lines up with the heart and emotional realness that Stephen Chow often brings to his films, this one is fun, its just a shame it only does that intermittently

but literally what the fuck even is this film.

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