War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes ★★★★★

What did we really do to deserve this planet we live and breath on? We have exploited natures every resource to a point of no return. We are facing Climate Change currently and when I look at War for the Planet of the Apes and how still in their desperate and limited resource the one thing humans do is make war.

After the events of Dawn, Caesar's clan is at war with the human military faction known as Alpha-Omega. After the attack from the humans, Caesar spares the remaining soldiers offering humans peace if the apes are left alone. But when we really have accepted something like this?

With Caesar's coming with an location to relocate towards dessert, Alpha-Omega's leader Colonel attacks Caesar's family killing his wife and son. With rage building in Caesar's heart he departs to confront the Colonel, accompanied only by Maurice, Luca and Rocket, while the other apes head for the desert.

Directed by Matt Reeves, the third installment in Planet of the Apes franchise opens to a fight that has to end at some point. It shows how two leaders lead their clans. Caesar struggles with his rage for Colonel while haunted by Koba in his dreams. Caesar fears he is turning into Koba as he breaks alone in his fit of revenge towards Colonel.

War for the Planet of the Apes captures the essence of two parts and the strength that gains from unity and fighting together. The scene of Luca's death had me in tears as Nova looks at Luca giving him the flower he gave her.

Visually stunning and special effects blended perfectly, you get emotionally invested in the story more and more as it movies forward. The scene of Caesar and Colonel where Colonel explains everything, making himself seem like the ultimate sacrificer who only is a man lost in his own delusional pride and ego.

Andy Serkis as Caesar gives another brilliant performance. He shows Andy Serkis as Caesar's vulnerability and his struggle. He shows what it takes to be a leader, standing up and leading from the front. The final scene of this movie broke me. It is about time Academy recognizes Andy Serkis work, he is that brilliant in this movie.

Woody Harrelson as The Colonel, bring his own strong stance with his limited screen presence. His scenes with Andy are brilliant showing two characters against each other.

Steve Zahn as Bad Ape is a wonderful addition brining in the soft humor with an emotional aura. Karin Konoval as Maurice brings in the support needed for Andy's Caesar.

Amiah Miller as Nova is the only human who you want to save. She is so brilliant in her expressions, her scenes are so beautiful that most of the time you have smile and tears at the same time.

Michael Seresin's cinematography captures every scene and frame with beauty. And I can't believe I am even writing this but Michael Giacchino's score was rather excellent here.

War for the Planet of the Apes is astonishing and emotionally told story. It shows how even low human can go just to serve whatever delusional thing they believe in and might be the most fearful species on the planet earth with destroying and killing whatever they fear. From the first frame you are with the Apes, you connect with them and root for them.

The only human you trust here is Nova and no one else. There are some influence's present in the story but rather original in capturing them. This is one the best blockbusters you will see on the big screen. I really wish this was in IMAX.

I am glad Matt Reeves is directing The Batman. And we really need to protect our nature.

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