The Other Side of the Underneath

The Other Side of the Underneath ★★★★★

There is no easy way to explain this movie as anyone who will watch this movie will have a entirely different experience with a complete different interpretation. There is a dialogue between the doctor and a man who asks her about how to define schizophrenia and she answers, it depends on each doctor who is treating. Each one will have have a different approach to it and the outcome of it too.

The films make you uncomfortable yet it is fascinating to watch it. You are taken through eyes and minds of these patients. They are disturbing and the depictions of these visions come crawling towards you. There is a fear that reflects through the protagonist. The mirror which she finds as her enemy. There is no question about trust as many a times they have to find the real and the reel section of it.

The title of the movie The Other Side of the Underneath itself speaks to the story of it. It is unconventional and quite experimental. One moment you are is awe of it and the other you want to shut your eyes. The use of score is quite unsettling but it is perfect in showing what Jane Arden wanted to show.

There is no way I can explain what was the protagonist feeling, because I have never experienced it. The world looked like a nightmare from where I was sitting and watching. I have been thinking about this movie for the past two days since I have watched it, yet the words to describe what I just experienced are just...

The final 30 minutes of this movie, especially the cross scene are nothing short of glorious and this is what I love about watching movies that even after watching so many movies from around the world, you will always find a gem that will shock you, make you feel something and yet leave you speechless.

I can just applaud Jane Arden for making this movie that I think no one can make. It is unique and a wonder that will make you think, appreciate it and leave you uncomfortable.

70's is where cinema was reborn and sculpted by the greats.

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