Serpico ★★★★

Sidney:Your gold shield's
come through.

Serpico: What's this for?
For being an honest cop?
Or for being stupid enough
to get shot in the face?
You tell them
they can shove it.
I don't want it.

Serpico is a true story about a cop who fights against the corruption in the police world.

Sidney Lumet he gets how to show the characters and their definitions of actions. Serpico who wants to be a detective someday. He is happy to be in the police force. But soon he comes to realize that it is all filled with corruption. Somebody is corrupt for their family, somebody because it is right and someone because there is lot of it.

How do you fight something when you know you have stand alone in all this and your own people will be your worst enemy.

The transition phase of Serpico from running to become a detective to investigating the corruption, being transferred from one place to another, the frustration everything is shown .

Al Pacino. I don't what I will do I ever see him face to face. I think I would faint. He is a Legend. Nobody can do what he can do. He is a unique actor who has defined many character time to time with such excellency that you remember every second of it.

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