Logan ★★★½

Looking already dead in his eyes, tired body, life shelved him, white beard, but still living. Logan opens as it should open with Wolverine blazing his blades through skulls of punks.

As we drive through, we see it is a wasteland that Logan is living in now, Professor Charles Xavier has become this weapon that has to be monitored, still in search of that normal on a world now that has no mutants to live in.

But fate brings a girl on the doorsteps of Logan who needs help, and what becomes more evident that she is much like Logan. But what starts is a search, an experiment done and now to dismantle it. And to run and survive is the only chance.

I personally have watched only three X Men movies. First Class, Days of Future Past and The Wolverine where he is Japan. I am not a fan of this series or Wolverine to be honest. But as an outsider the movie welcomes you in a very bloody manner and that is a good thing. It builds up with a pace that suits a hero that is living in his dreadful oblivion.

The action is what strikes you, it is violent, splattered and bloody. There is also a story that binds it, the most beautiful scene in this movie comes in when Logan and Charles help a family and have a nice dinner with them. A life they both have longed, there you see something more settled version of them. But it is just like a dream where it is snapped away as soon as your alarm clock strikes.

Till about hour and 40 minutes Logan is very intriguing and sufficiently fed to the viewers. It is their hero that they have have seen since their childhood or from teens. Now here they are watching his end. But the last act is where it seems to loose its pace, it becomes stringy and long. Some scenes should have been edited. There is the iconic Wolverine scene I think because everyone in the audience started to scream, but the fight sequence at the end was not par what we were watching from the top.

Villains have never been strong suit of Marvel and here too they lack that, I mean yes Logan is struggling and is on his end but still there should be someone worthy of his match. Yes, there the fight sequence between him and him but still it is lack of the originality of a bad man still hangs on.

To the surprise it is not only Logan/Wolverine that takes up the screen but Laura strikes hard and steals some thunder from him. Her action sequences are more worthy to watch and roar for and she got that. Her character is beautifully included, her silence throughout made everyone think what is she going to do next. It was like waiting for an battle to happen.

Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine in his final stance is simple incredible. He is rugged, he gets everything right. He wants his fans to get every penny they have spent over the years, the support they have given him. He doesn't disappoint.

Dafne Keen as Laura is the best thing about the movie. They way she handles her character, the silence and the myth she creates around her and the opening fighting scene of her is just amazing.

Logan gives everything the fans have been waiting for, it gives the Wolverine they have been waiting, the R Rated sequences and the rugged look. Even the new additions are great. It is an epilogue to a hero who has struggled, fought, bleed a thousand times, went past and forward, saved as much lives he can, became an legend, Symbol that everyone loved and looked upon.

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