Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

Dear Billy,

Going from an losing war, to an island that already is a mystery. Stepping your feet on the ground, dropping bombs like an stupid asshole, Kong makes his entry like a King. Smashing everything that is destroying his land.

Frames reminding of the Apocalypse Now, the yellow and orange color, the fumes and smokes. A place which is held by Kong. We really don't have an enemy, we make one in an unknown land. Creatures looking like Miyazaki's beautiful imagination, a tribe that doesn't speak. Living in fear of something down below, crawling and looking like big ass lizards.

The opening of Hurt Locker has a quote about war and how it becomes a drug and here we have Colonel Preston Packard where his countries loss at Vietnam has hit him hard, looking for that final tally where he can go with a win, his ego and mind collide. The characters are split like two sides of coin, one looking to be saved and other to kill.

Mason Weaver stands still as Kong lifts up a plane from this big creature who was hurting, at that moment you see Mason realizing that Kong is not someone who will hurt deliberately.

Sometime humans in finding the unknown become crazy like Randa who we think is really for the science but instead he is there for the revenge and taking back a land which isn't his to conquer.

We have Hank Marlow who has spent 28 years on that island and knows every inch of it. He warns about the skull creatures and what Kong really is. you don't wipe out the competition, because you are in the wild.

James Conrad is the calm and composed one, he knows how to handle any given situation.

The beauty of this movie is that even though it has flaws still it never looses its need. the visuals and creation of this island is magnificent to look at. Every creature is detailed very artistically, I mean looking at them in IMAX 3D,WOW!

It has a simplicity in its tale, it is a world of monsters, still living owning their land, protecting it from other creatures. Humans are like pawn to them, humans are afraid and why shouldn't they? I mean I would be running scared all around or be fainted just by looking at Kong in front of me.

The fight sequence between Kong at the skull creature is good, it has elements of WOW! but at times it becomes like a little down but still I loved the scene when Kong pulls Waver out of water and into his hand and fights with creature and finally pulling all its guts out.

There isn't much room for an Academy Award nominated performance here but still Brie Larson and John C Riley own their characters. Brie is fearless in her role. Sam Jackson is the typical army man, while there is the humor comfort from the supporting characters. Tom Hiddleston's character needs a little more to do as I though he was wasted here but still his moments with Brie and Jackson are really good, he handles the character's nature very well.

Larry Fong is really a visual artist. His cinematography here is beyond beautiful. He captures the essence of the movie, the way he shows Kong like a King, or the scene of Brie and Kong are defining here.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts does really well with his first Blockbuster movie, he doesn't ruin his chance. He knows what to show and capture, he never really gets this movie out of hand like Snyder.

And this movie for me is way better than Avatar. It uses 3D to good use and if you can watch it in IMAX and stay for post credits scene.

Kong Skull Island is a visual treat with mystical creatures and King Kong himself. It is fun and destructive. It has some flaws but you can ignore them as it is not meant for Academy Award Best Picture here. It is a world of monsters and their presence in the world. It is pure Blockbuster. I loved it.

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