Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★★½

A movie to be experienced. A visual ride through psychedelic drug experiences. After getting shot by the police Oscar sets on a path of out of body experience, traveling through the city of Tokyo up above, lit up in neon lights. Filled with memories of past and present.

Enter the Void is filled with visual conceptions. It feels like an hallucination, fueled in drugs. It fills you in visually, grabbing into a universe of pain, lights, drugs, sex and everything that infinites this. From the memories of birth, childhood and the present world of adulthood.

Benoît Debie and Gaspar Noé try something which is weird and crazy enough to work. It kind of feels pure to float around the world trying to see the waves happening after your death. Going into the minds of people you know, feeling what is happening to them.

It feels somewhat surreal at times. The opening credits are one of the best you will see. It falls into its own sadness and shock at times. Like the scene of Oscar's death which inter cuts through his friend trying to call his sister who is having sex with her boss. The aftermath of her knowing about his death, the depression she suffers.

Enter the Void is somewhat a circle of life. From death to birth, trying to retrace the steps of your life. Deep into horizons of your mistakes, Oscar rides himself into this experience trying to understand the life he lead.

Enter the Void is a movie where you have to connect and experience the visuals. It might feel like you have to be hight to get the feel of the movie better but if you are sober it takes you to a different light of life. It gives you a sense of something that you might have questioned at times about life and death or you just might start after watching this.

Gaspar Noé always tries something crazy enough pushing himself to limit where he wants his audience to experience something new. Enter the Void might be his more mature work. Irreversible is haunting and shocking while Love becomes an addition to a ride of sex and love.

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