Certain Women

Certain Women ★★★★

I love a movie when everything seems so minimal yet so deep in its sense of telling. Certain Women is about four women, their lives, their situations, struggles and how they go on.

The most interesting part of the movie comes from Jamie played by Lily Gladstone who is working at a ranch. One day she goes into a class of School Law where she meets Beth played by Kristen Stewart. Here we see how Jamie finds to strike something with Beth. Most of the time Beth talks about how she hates to drive for 4 hours to get here to teach a class she has to study a day before and again drive for 4 hours to get to her job in the morning while getting a 5 hours sleep in between. We certainly don't know what Jaime really wants here with Beth. A friendship, a relationship or both. I loved how Jaime waits for every Tuesday and Thursday, then their few minutes at diner. Or the horse ride they take.

The story of Gina and Ryan who was somewhat really interesting look at the marriage section. Gina played by Michelle Williams looked liked the silent manager taking all the heat in and finally going to kill everybody in moments time.

The story of Laura and Fuller was somewhat little under prepared for me. The relationship between Laura and Fuller was something I was not really understanding. Was Laura concerned about Fuller? She looked annoyed at him most of the time. She even says that, she has been telling Fuller about the same thing for eight months and when a man tells him the same thing he is just Okay.

This is my first Kelly Reichardt, and I can see I am very impressed with this gem. The editing which done by Kelly herself shows the minimal editing, most of the scenes are one take. Focusing on the characters, beauty of the surrounding they are in. Life which is slow, and making the most of it.

The cast is just what you call 'Perfection'. From Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Lily Gladstone who impresses the most in her debut and Kristen Stewart who just can't stop impressing and growing with every movie she does. She is even show eating Burger, cheese sandwich, fries. I mean that is Cinema for you.

Certain Women is what I would make myself.

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