Carol ★★★★★

Carol Aird: [to Therese] I love you.

What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it something that happens at first sight? Or does it happen gradually over time?

Love is something different, it is beautiful, messy, needy but still one of the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. We want to find that one person who can make our heart tick, have butterflies in our stomach, the felling where time has stopped and there's only two of you.

Your heart skips a beat...The warm hand on you shoulder that gives you comfort...The feeling when the person is leaving and you can't bare to see that person leave...You tilt your head till the person is not within your eye sight. You don't know sometimes when will it happen or where it will happen... It might be for a second, through a glass door, across the street, at a restaurant...Anywhere.

When you get that person, you are in whole other world...other dimension perhaps. You can't take your eyes off from that person. You sight through every detail of that person...How they smile, how they look at you or something, how they want to be in that persons arms always.

You make love, feeling every inch of that persons body...looking into their eyes...Like an angel flung out of space.

You will feel sad when they are not with you, the separation that would make you miserable...The tension that presides within you...the messages you type and delete millions of times...You call them just hear there breath from the other side...You want to say sorry...but you don't...You become a dummy that doesn't know what to do...You cry till your eyes become numb...The water becomes dry...Finally you run...

Kissing the person like you have the first time...Holding them like the first time... the smell you have missed...

Personally I want to have all these things in my life... I have never been in love...Even to that I never even had a girlfriend in my 23 years of existence...Never been kissed...or anything for that matter...

When I see Carol, I see something beautiful that I want to be in that world for a lifetime...I want that hand on my shoulder...I want to have time stopped like it did for Therese when Carol entered the store...I want to have that smile Therese has when she is talking to Carol. I want someone like Carol to hold me, kiss me...Or just look at me.

Carol starts with a scene like Brief Encounter...Therese and Carol are sitting at a restaurant talking about something while someone interrupts them. We go back when Therese first met Carol at the store where time stopped for her...

Over the movie you see Carol struggling with her feelings as she has to think about her daughter Rindy while her ex husband Harge tries to win her back...But Carol has fallen for Therese and likewise...Therese is someone who is sweet, reserved and says yes to everything Carol asks...

Every moment between them is beautiful, every moment of silence is breathtaking. One of the most beautiful scene was when Therese gets her camera out to take photos of Carol, even the scene of them in the car where Therese starts to observe Carol is just melting my heart scene.

I even broke down myself when Therese stars to cry or the letter read by Carol in the background. The most beautiful part of the movie is the love scene between Carol and Therese...It is juts so lovely, beautiful and sensual. Carol kissing Therese for the first time, Therese finally letting her guard down...Even the moment where she says to Carol not to turn off the light as she wants to see her...

With a beautiful symphony created by Carter Burwell every moment feels like a lifetime... Edward Lachman's cinematography is nothing short of Breathtaking with that 16 mm film.

Todd Haynes knows how to handle love with delicacy... He has done that in Far From Heaven and some extent in Velvet Goldmine...With Carol he shows a side of love that is more that what it should be.

Cate Blanchett as Carol is just what you call a perfection in every manner. She handles every scene with divinity. How she holds back her tears or the her moments with Harge...

Rooney Mara as Therese...What can I say about her that hasn't been already said...She looks like billions bucks here. Whenever she smiled my heart skipped a beat...Whenever she cried I cried... I still can't believe she didn't won the Academy Award for this role.

Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler are equally good in their supporting roles...I mean Kyle Chandler as Harge even though I hate him, Kyle plays it to perfection.

Carol is something I want in my life everyday...The love and everything with it. For me Carol is perfection and beyond. I want to watch this movie a lifetime if that is possible.

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