Stowaway ★★★

Stowaway gripped me from the very beginning with its intensity and feeling of uncertainty. And the uncertain feeling remained for the rest of the film. It also has an amazing and stomach turning sequence that blew me away. The cast is also superb. But the script is just okay. There’s not much going on, which isn’t a bad thing, but it tries to build mystery that isn’t even really there instead of just explaining certain elements clearly. I was confused as to why and how a certain character ended up there in the first place, and the script felt like it was going to go in a much darker route than it did - more into a horror/thriller (which honestly I think I would have preferred). The film just kind of...ends. And you think, “Okay...all that build up, and for what?” But Toni Collette speaking in her real accent is very sexy.

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