Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★★

Oh DC, you magnificient bastard, you actually did it. You have finally made a genuinely good movie, after so much disappointment before it. Wonder Woman not only works as an outstanding origin story for one of the all-time greatest superheroes, but also as an effective war drama and an old-fashioned romance film. It is also a first great female-led superhero movie, which is truly an achievement for many reasons.

Gal Gadot is just perfect as Wonder Woman. She was one of the few bright spots in Batman v. Superman, but here she completely owns her role, both as ferocious Wonder Woman and naive Diana Prince. She puts so much charm and heart to her performance, and makes Wonder Woman a truly noble and inspirational figure to look up to. In my opinion it's the finest superhero casting choice, since Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Chris Pine is very charming and likable as Steve Trevor and has an incredible chemistry with Gal Gadot. They have a lot of funny and touching scenes together and are the main reason why the movie works so well.

Patty Jenkins did an amazing job directing the movie. She makes the story feel focused and well-structured, without making the movie overly convoluted and confusing. Movie also has many quiet moments, which allows her characters a room to breathe and makes them feel like geniune people. And action scenes are pretty neat too, especially the "No Man's Land" sequence.

Speaking of villain, I won't reveal who plays him, but I thought he was very solid and effective threat, and the final fight between him and Wonder Woman felt for me like an improved final fight from Batman v. Superman.

In many ways Wonder Woman is a major improvement compared to the previous DCEU movies. It makes me feel hopeful that they actually learned from their mistakes and will finally bring justice to the other DC Comics characters. But even if they won't, we will still have this WONDERful (sorry, I couldn't resist) movie to watch for years to come.

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