Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

The process of watching the first fifteen minutes of KNIVES OUT (2019):

Oh, there's a picture with Christopher Plummer hanging. Glad he's still around.. hey, it's the girl from BLADE RUNNER 2049! And there's that other dead girl, Hannah Baker!... Ohh yeah, motherfucking Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis, this gonna' be good. Wow, Lakeith Stanfield is also there. And WHAT THE HELL, Toni Collette shows up as a bimbo influencer while freaking Michael Shannon has a limp!! And the nice kid from IT is now a conservative nazi boy!? There are so many famous people in this family, woaw... WHAT THE SHIT, Captain America himself is also here!?... And who's that in the background? Can you move in a bit? HOLY CRAP it's Daniel Craig not playing James Bond AND doing a thick southern accent!?!

Yeah Rian Johnson's latest who-dun-it is pretty good and easily one of the best times you could have at the cinema this year.

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