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  • The Evil Dead
  • Phantasm
  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • The People Under the Stairs

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  • Centipede

  • Motorrad

  • Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero

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    Story: 6
    Gore: 7.5
    Fun: 7
    Scares: 6
    Laughs: 4
    Rewatchability: Average

    I’d like to show some appreciation to the DP & the gaffer on this production. Very well shot and some great atmosphere. This was a pretty fun, underrated slasher that I believe needs to be noticed a bit more. Some cool slicing and dicing in this bad boy.


  • Centipede

Popular reviews

  • End of the Line

    End of the Line


    Story: 9
    Gore: 8.5
    Fun: 8
    Scares: 8
    Laughs: 2
    Rewatchability: High

    This movie was pretty damn creepy. Especially for a low budget film! Religious people are strange.

    Final Rating: 8.5/10

  • Werewolf in a Women's Prison

    Werewolf in a Women's Prison


    Story: 5
    Gore: 9.5
    Fun: 10
    Scares: 0
    Laughs: 8.5
    Rewatchability: High

    If you couldn't tell by the title.. This movie is a BLAST! Great kills, great gore, and one amazingly dumb looking werewolf!

    Final Rating: 8/10