Roma ★★★★★

Raises "slice of life" filmmaking to a new and more profound standard.
A total magnum opus for Cuarón. Every little detail of each wide and deep monochromatic frame adds up the experience. It's all lived-in and natural. A simultaneously epic and quiet portrait of resilience and change in how our surroundings become us and we become a sum of it. So many images and subtleties have remained with me distinctly since the minute I walked out of this and Cuaron spares no detail in any of these, he takes his time so that we connect with the characters and their spaces more than we ever thought we could.

You'll feel overwhelming amounts of joy, anxiety, and sadness. But, most profoundly, you'll feel alive and ready to take on the perilous waves that life will hurl your way and hope that you can always come out on the other end stronger and wiser than you ever thought possible.

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