Old ★★★★

Shyamalan’s big beautiful, visceral and sometimes silly rumination on how there isn’t enough time in the world to take anything for granted. It’s Shyamalan at his most sentimental and vulnerable since “Signs.” You’re either fully all in with that or you run in the other direction. Lucky for me, that’s my favorite type of Shyamalan. 

Old is like the heart of his Touchstone-era placed in far and away his most audacious and experimental work to date. If there were ever any doubts for whatever reason that M. was one of the best and most out-there visual storytellers in the business right now, this should put those doubts firmly to rest. It’s a complete masterclass in staging, blocking and camerawork. Front to back it’s one of the most exciting and daring films you could possibly see in a theater right now. I don’t want to spoil one iota of how this film plays out and toys with your emotions and takes you in a neck-breaking life-spanning rollercoaster. It’s earnest and flawed and bold and full of so much life. I can’t wait to revisit it.

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