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  • Jerry Maguire

    Jerry Maguire


    The best comfort movie. Few films are this lovely and lovable. And even fewer films have such open-hearted emotional intelligence and the gall to say that that might be the thing that gets you through the heartbreaking cynicism of industry. A love letter to bonds of all kinds (marriage, brotherhood, parental, and professional) and the work that it takes to ensure loyalty, honesty, and love. We need THIS Tom Cruise back!

  • Gaia


    One of the more egregious examples of the pitfalls of “elevated horror.” Despite unique visuals, creatures and settings, this isn’t able to overcome to broadness and third-rate quality of its approach. It’s got no verve or thrill and even when it leans hard into some interesting melodrama, it cuts it off at the knees. It ends up as just a more slight and artsy riff in “The Last of Us.” Neat horny hallucination sequence tho!

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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok

    I'm not really sure how to say this without sounding like I have some sort of anti Marvel Studios agenda or that I just hate having fun but.....Thor: Ragnarok is one of the worst, most profoundly annoying superhero films I've seen.

    Let's just start with the problems that I've had with the MCU, in general, that bleed over into this film. First off: this film, conceptually, has some of the biggest stakes that have ever been in an MCU film,…

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    Insufferable. Nepotism baby Levinson tries to be Cassavetes by using a black couple as his mouthpieces because he got his ego bruised by negative reviews for a bad movie he made. This goes around and around in circles watching boring people in a boring house argue and trivialize each other for 106 FUCKING MINUTES (arguably 30 minutes more than it ever needed to be). An obnoxious, annoying and profoundly self-conscious piece of work that is devoid of any qualities to…