• John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    Every time I come away from one of these films I’m just always astounded at the way they manage to push the envelope just a little bit further. Like, I didn’t think there was a way to amp things up after seeing the last one, I’m glad I was wrong. 

    This film is just constantly firing on all cylinders, I don’t think that there was a dull moment in the entire runtime. 

    In a way this is kinda like John…

  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods


    Not that bad but still not that great, kinda falls somewhere in the middle. It’s definitely got some heart, just pretty messy in parts. 

    Also for having half the budget of the last few big superhero tentpoles, it arguably looks the best.

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    Lmao I really thought I “understood” this film when I saw it for the first time at 14. 

    Such a great film to revisit all these years later. Honestly this is a film I could see myself watching once every few years for the rest of my life, as I see it having new meanings at different stages of my life. Hell, this definitely struck a different chord now seeing it in my twenties. 

    Masterful filmmaking on display from Charlie…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    Second time seeing this in theaters, first time seeing any Harmony Korine film on 35mm. Just an amazing experience all around, can’t believe it’s been 10 years since it came out. 

    That Skrillex needle drop in the beginning never fails to give me chills ngl

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    Why the fuck is everyone in this movie using a Google Pixel??

    Anyways, definitely liked this better than the last one. Definitely was a lot more fun than the last one, that subway sequence was pretty damn great. 

    Some of the acting still sucks though!!

  • Therapy Dogs

    Therapy Dogs


    This movie hit me like a million tons of bricks. 

    It just made me think, like, I was a senior in high school in 2019, right about to graduate and move on with my adult life and everything.

    This film just felt like a snapshot of that time where we all lived in blissful ignorance about our future, unaware of all the shit that would happen in the next four years.

    I dunno, this just really struck a chord with…

  • 65



    Literally just a live action Turok movie

    I think I laughed more during this than with anything I’ve seen in recent memory, good movie.

  • Creed III

    Creed III


    Maybe I gotta watch the other two to fully appreciate this but honestly, I was a little underwhelmed. 

    I thought that the film looked pretty damn great, Michael B. Jordan definitely shows promise as a director, and Kramer Morgenthau’s cinematography was really well done. On top of that, the performances were solid for the most part, Jonathan Majors was fuckin awesome in this. 

    The score, too, was really well done, along with the sound design as a whole. It definitely…

  • Inside



    Immaculate production design here. The space that this film is set in really becomes a character in it of itself.

    Willem Dafoe also gives such a great performance here. You really see his slow descent into madness as the film progresses, it's arguably one of his most interesting performances lately, next to The Lighthouse probably.

    I did feel that the story kinda fizzles out towards the middle, this probably could've been like 15 minutes shorter. Still a good film though, and one that I wouldn't mind seeing again one day.

  • Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    Can’t wait for the sequel “Crack Crocodile”

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

    Ok so hear me out...

    This is a beat for beat copy of Tron Legacy

    Like, they get sucked into an unknown world, encounter a bunch of creatures, there's a parental story at the heart of it, one of the villains is a figure from the past, they literally copy the CLU speech about how "this is our destiny", and the climactic moment is them fighting in order to reach a portal to get back home...


  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Honestly a little better on a second viewing? This is definitely one that I’ve thought about periodically since seeing it over two years ago, glad I got the chance to revisit it in a theater. 

    The highlight of all this was hearing Charlie Kaufman speak after the film. Loved getting an insight into his creative process and thoughts on the film. Got to chat with him a bit after too, honestly just an amazing experience all around.