The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

In all honesty, I couldn't care less about the story of Facebook. I knew I had to watch this when I found out David Fincher was the director and Aaron Sorkin was the writer. Also I kinda made a deal with my friend Noah (thanks for watching There Will Be Blood). I thought that this was an amazing film that I should've seen sooner. 

The plot follows the creation of the social media website Facebook as well as the hardships and trouble that comes with it. Along the way, friendships are made, broken and severed. As I stated in the beginning, I couldn't care less about a movie based on the founding of Facebook, but something about it made this film interesting. I think that this is one of the finest films I've ever seen! The driving force of this film is its dialogue, written amazingly by Aaron Sorkin. There is never a dull moment in this film, mostly due in part to this amazing screenplay. The events that Play out in the film, for the most part, stay true to the events that happened in real life. I'm telling you that Aaron Sorkin is the king of biopics. With films like Moneyball and Steve Jobs he prooved that he can make a film that is interesting and stays true to what actually happened.  The characters mostly stay true to their real life counterparts which adds a sense of realism. One compliment I have is that these characters are interesting. Having a well written character is one thing, but having a character that has maybe an interesting behavior or attitude is another. It almost adds a sense of relatibility to these characters. Even if some of these characters don't have the most amount of screen time, they have a witty line or memorable moment that will stick out. I really enjoyed how the legal battle in the film is intercut with some of the events they're discussing. This keeps it from being one 15 minute long courtroom sequence in the end and provides insight on some of these characters arguments. I felt like this was a great decision because it prevented a long drawn out sequence where it's just the legal case unfolding. The character development in this film is spectacular. I really enjoyed the character of Mark Zuckerberg, who's on screen adaptation didn't stray too far from the real life counterpart. I also really like the character of Eduardo Saverin, Mark's frenemy. I felt like you could feel like In some scenes that he reached his breaking point, which made you almost side with his character. Like I said before, the characters are almost photocopies of their real life counterparts, with maybe a few minor things changed. This ultimately added to the realism of the film. 

The performances in this film are outstanding! Jesse Eisenberg is fantastic as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. He was outstanding in this film and was robbed of that Oscar. Andrew Garfield surprised me in this film. It's a shame I saw his lackluster performance In The Amazing Spiderman franchise before seeing him in this. He is truly outstanding in this film and might just be my favorite performance. Even though she's not in it for that long, Rooney Mara is great in this Film in what's she's given. Justin Timberlake was really good as the yin to Marks yang. Timberlake, when given the material, is a great actor and this film prooved that. 

The direction by David Fincher was really good! Some scenes are filmed with such intensity that you're on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Even the tamest of scenes can feel intense due to great editing and cinematography by Jeff Cronenworth. Some of my favorite scenes in the film were the crew scenes, which I felt were filmed with such intensity as well as grace that they were stunning. The editing can make scenes feel intense and is one of the best things about this film. 

The music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is one of my favorite things about this film. The music can feel very intense as well as very calm, which fit the scenes well. Even more tame scenes can have a very pulsating track in the background adding a sense of intensity. This score cannot be described, you have to listen to it to believe what I am saying. That Oscar was well deserved. 

Overall, The Social Network is a fantastic film that will make you care about the founding of Facebook, and all the hardships that came with it. Please check this one out, you will not be disappointed.

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