Roma ★★★★½

I've been eagerly this project since the release of Alfonso Cuarón's last film in 2013. With the success of Gravity, Cuarón could've done pretty much anything, and he chose to do an intimate portrayal of a Mexican family.

Roma is a stunning film. Everything from the genuine performances to the striking cinematography is just a sight to behold.

I really have to give praise to Yalitza Aparicio, who plays Cleo. For this being her first performance in any production, as well as the fact that she has no formal acting training, she absolutely knocks it out of the park. Like seriously, she gives one of the best performances I've seen this year. I really hope that this film allows her to get bigger and better roles, because I really can't wait to see what she does next.

The look of this film is one of the main highlights of the film for me. The black and white cinematography is absolutely beautiful onscreen, and helps to capture the intimacy of some scenes. Just the way the film captures both gorgeous landscapes and the intimacies of everyday life is admirable, giving us some of the cinematography of this year.

This is a film that I wish I could've seen in theaters. I'm not opposed to the fact that Netflix distributed this film, because without them this film would barely be marketed or have even seen a release like this. I'm just saying that if you happen to be by a theater that is showing this film, see it, you won't regret it.

Roma is an absolutely beautiful film. The performances are great, and Cuarón's direction is some of the best I've seen all year. Definitely worth a watch, but I do suggest seeking this one out in theaters, I wish I had.

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