Michael Stringer

Michael Stringer

I just want my life to be narrated through Guy Maddin intertitles

Favorite films

  • Videodrome
  • Last Year at Marienbad
  • Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One
  • Caché

Recent activity

  • The Surging Sea of Humanity

  • Capitalism: Child Labor

  • Capitalism: Slavery

  • Sorry to Bother You

Recent reviews

  • La Haine

    La Haine

    I’m actually a little surprised at how much this still works for me. It’s bombastic and blunt in ways that I’ve become progressively less patient with, but that doesn’t seem to bother me so much. I think it has to do with how it mixes genre filmmaking with art house filmmaking, which isn’t new, but it comes through in a very interesting way here. The film’s constantly shoving artfulness in your face, which just exposes the conventions of that artfulness.…

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley

    What an odd little movie. Because despite its cast, and its glossy Big Budget images, and its meticulously plotted rise and fall narrative, it still feels like a little movie. And that’s weird. It’s the kind of weird that I can’t help but be interested in, and it slowly won me over. del Toro uses his first feature after a best picture win to basically meander through all his classic Hollywood muses, from the Hitchcock psychological thriller, to Browning’s freaks,…

Popular reviews

  • Atlantics


    Diop moves so effortlessly through her liminal world that it leaves you stunned. Her opening images are covered in a cool sheen - misty ocean waves, floating curtains, light projections, smoky hazes - all to create a space between counties, between languages, and between realities. It’s a place where reflections hold more truth than what they reflect, and the dead burn their way back to life. This is how you fuse politics with plot, and this is how you play with genre. Spectacular!

  • Black Tide

    Black Tide

    For better or for worse, Vincent Cassel takes another step towards becoming the Nicholas Cage of France.