Bad Trip ★★★★

I wanted to say something about how "What Would You Do?"-type hidden camera shows suck, because they're misanthropic at their core, and sort of saying to the audience, "Look what happens to these stupid ants when we jostle their little ant farm." Whereas this movie loves humanity, which is cool. But Demi's review already covered that.

There's a lot of potential in this new-ish genre, and I'm looking forward to what happens when the budgets get bigger.

The sun seems to be setting on PG-13 action spectaculars as our primary form of blockbuster. I can see the argument that good-guys-vanquishing-bad-guys-against-CGI-backgrounds just isn't all that captivating when it has to sell tickets and get people to tune in on their Apple Watches at the same time.

Meanwhile, when I think about how the stunts in Borat 2 bled into the news during COVID and created free buzz, I can even see how the economics might actually work.

If you're a celebrity in today's world, you can get richer and more famous entirely on TikTok or YouTube than you get by taking acting classes and trying to be a movie star. Plus, you risk being cringe, like O.J. Simpson when he started acting, or Mariah Carey after him. But $100 million budgeted reality/prank/movie hybrids could be the answer to that.

I know this sounds ridiculous but these could totally become tentpole events in pop culture and I welcome it.