Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza

You ever fall in love with someone so hopelessly out of reach? Daydreaming about how you'll eventually charm them into seeing you as more than just some wide-eyed kid? Yeah, this one got me.

Outside of PTA’s approach to throwing away nearly every aspect of precision and technical mastery from Phantom Thread out the window here (ushering in a way more laid-back, sophomoric vibe that is more than appropriate), I think we all need to acknowledge that Cooper Hoffman is a goddamn star. I was optimistic about his role as a leading man, admittedly hoping to see remnants of his father come through more than anything. But once he hits the screen I immediately felt his presence as Gary Valentine. He has that all-too familiar charm of Philip, but he holds that with such genuine, romantic confidence as if he’s saying “Here I am” with every smile he gives. Can’t wait to see him in the future.

Also this is just a fucking blast. Watched it on 70mm with a beer and some fries and I just had the biggest, stupidest goddamn grin on my face the whole time. It’s such an easy film to just chill out and vibe too as the warm visuals and wistful soundtrack just take you away. Plus it’s got probably the best set of celebrity cameos since The Player. Just an all around wonderful experience.

I swear I usually don’t gel with the IMDb mindset of “Movies are magical” since I mostly find it kinda masturbatory, but god anytime I watch a PTA film I just feel at home. The man gets me every time.

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